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When to Visit Your Family Dentist

42% of Americans don’t visit their dentist as often as they should. While there are many excuses for this, maintaining proper oral hygiene is crucial for overall wellbeing. Do you know where your local family dentist in Aurora, CO, is located?

Reasons to Visit Your Dentist

People should visit their dentists twice annually, which grants enough time for us to gauge your oral degradation or improvement quickly. A six-month window can also help detect the onset of diseases and conditions and provide time for treatments to show effect.

Lowered Chance of Cavities

Permanently damaged enamel usually consists of a hole developing on the surface of teeth. Starting as barely noticeable in some cases, if left uncorrected, it could enlarge. When a cavity grows, it becomes deeper, which can eventually bore down to the innermost layers. However, sometimes you may live with a cavity and never know due to no pain or noticeable symptoms.

Cavities are chiefly caused by persistent snacking or sipping of sugary items. Soda, cookies, ice cream, along with many of our beloved snacks and drinks, can cause enamel decay. However, there are several things you can do to prevent these from forming:

  • Limit snacks
  • Consume minimal sugar
  • Proper brushing and flossing daily
  • Tempered alcohol consumption

Regular Preventative Care

Perks of regular visits are deep cleaning. We will dislodge food particles and debris that’s snagged between teeth and provide professional teeth cleaning. Expert cleaning often provides a better scrub than is achievable at home.

Tarter and plaque are key contributors to teeth decay. Despite these two names, both signify the same thing. It’s formed when bacteria and proteins mix after eating food. This leads to halitosis (bad breath).

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Gum Disease

By far more detrimental than mere cavities, it’s the product of plaque accumulation over time. This leads to the nasty complication that is gingivitis. Categorized by the degradation of gum tissue, it’s the official starting grounds for gum disease.

Once gingivitis sets in, your teeth begin to separate from the gum line as it slowly begins to retreat. As this continues, you run the risk of damaging supporting bones. Dilapidated jawbones require reconstructive surgery. While that is the worst-case scenario, most instances are prevented before escalated damage is afflicted.

Best Practices

A good practice to start is brushing twice a day. Avoid up and down brushing. Instead, we suggest circular pattern brushing. This can remove more plaque! Also, make sure to scrub your tongue and gums as this can remove extra food particles and bacteria while further eliminating halitosis.

Flossing is often not done nearly enough. Dentists worldwide recommend flossing once a day. While brushing is important, flossing provides superior debris removal in places where the bristles of toothbrushes can’t reach. This takes less than a minute and is a great preventative measure.

Visit Your Family Dentist in Aurora, CO, More Often!

For the whitest pearly whites in your neighborhood, contact us today to schedule a check-up. Remember, just two visits a year can keep your teeth as healthy as possible. We look forward to seeing you soon.

To schedule an appointment with our Denver dentist, feel free to call us today at (303) 751-5558.

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