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Emergency Dentist in Denver CO

Annually, five million people lose teeth. There are several ways that teeth can leave the mouth, but don't lose hope if they do. With the wonders of emergency dentists in Denver, CO, the tooth can live to bite again!

How Teeth Come Out

Fallen-out teeth are a dental emergency that requires immediate action. The main reason is blunt trauma. Knocked-out teeth are one of the most common types of avulsion. Common ways this happens is from:

  • Fights
  • Sports
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Falls

There are steps to take to replant your tooth into its original canal. If the tooth isn't severely damaged, you will need to act swiftly. Never touch or hold the tooth by its root; instead, touch only the crown. Steps two and three are provided for instances where you can't put the tooth back in on your own.

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Step 1: Recovery

Ensure the tooth is collected and brought to the dentist; the same goes for cracked teeth. Even these can be reused if the damage isn't overly extensive. Once found, inspect your knocked-out pearly white for damage, and remove any dirt.

Step 2:  Cleaning

Ensure the tooth is clean, but don't scrub it. Instead, rinse it under water (tap or bottled). While handling the tooth, only touch around the crown, which is the top of the tooth used for biting and chewing. This part of the tooth is less prone to injury and far less sensitive.

The root has fibroblasts, which can be destroyed by toothpaste, soap, and mouthwash. Fibroblasts are essentially glue-like cells that adhere your teeth to your jawbone. However, there are artificial options for those who rubbed theirs off.

Step 3: Wrapping

In lieu of milk and fear of accidentally swallowing it, wrap it in a moist cloth to keep it as damp as possible. Teeth will dry it out, becoming unsalvagable. This is the same reason why those with dentures remove them to soak in solution each night.

Preservation of Fallen Teeth

The best way to preserve a tooth that came out is by putting it back in. While this is great for ensuring the tooth doesn't die, you will still need an emergency dental procedure before you can rest.

As teeth dry, they die. By placing them between your jaw and your cheek, they can stay alive. However, there may be a better way to preserve them. Milk has been used to maintain teeth in the past, but does it work?

Milking Teeth

Milk is the best option when placing it back in the gum is not possible. It contains many nutrients that are beneficial to them. Water causes cells to burst by forcing them to swell. Teeth need the right balance of acids best provided by milk, with saliva being a runner-up.

Emergency Dentist in Denver CO

In many cases, you can be back home relatively quickly. Get in touch with our dentists are highly trained in providing the care you need in states of emergency.

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