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Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) isn't just a dental condition; it's a challenge that affects your comfort, confidence, and quality of life. The good news is that you don't have to endure it without relief. At Makowski Dental, we're your trusted partner in providing TMJ treatment in Denver and giving you a pain-free, confident smile.

What is Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a ball and socket joint located where the upper and lower jaws meet. You have one joint on each side of your mouth. These joints are part of a large group of muscles, ligaments, and bones that work together. It can affect how you chew, swallow, speak, and even show emotion if they cease to work.

TMD, short for Temporomandibular Disorder, affects the joints and muscles that control jaw movement. Common symptoms include:

  • Jaw pain.
  • Facial pain, particularly around the ears, cheeks, and temples.
  • Unexplained earaches that are not related to any ear infection or injury.
  • Frequent headaches in the temples and the sides of your head.
  • Clicking, grating, or popping noises when you open or close your mouth.
  • Restricted range of motion in your jaw, making it challenging to open your mouth or move it side to side.

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What Causes TMD?

The exact cause of TMJ disorder in Denver is multifactorial and may vary from person to person. Some common factors that contribute to TMD include:  

  • Trauma or injuries to the jaw joint.
  • Habitual teeth grinding or clenching.
  • High levels of stress.
  • Incorrect posture while sitting at a desk for long hours.
  • Arthritis.

Effects of TMD

TMD can have some serious impact on your overall well-being. Here are some common effects of TMD:

Pain and Discomfort

The pain associated with TMD can be chronic and affect your daily life, making it difficult to eat, speak, and smile.

Sleep Disturbances

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching, often associated with TMD, can disrupt your sleep, leaving you exhausted during the day.

Headaches and Migraines

TMD-related headaches can be severe and debilitating.

Anxiety and Stress

Chronic pain and discomfort can lead to heightened anxiety and stress levels.

Self-Esteem Issues

TMD can affect your self-esteem and confidence, especially if it changes your facial appearance.

Can I Prevent TMD?

While you can't prevent all cases of TMD, you can adopt practices to reduce your risk. For instance, you can practice stress-reduction techniques like deep breathing, meditation, or yoga to minimize muscle tension in your face and jaw.

Try to maintain proper posture when sitting for extended periods to alleviate strain on your neck and jaw. Moreover, excessive gum chewing can strain your jaw muscles, so it's best to use gum in moderation.

If you grind your teeth at night, use a mouthguard to protect your teeth and jaw. Finally, follow a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to support health and reduce inflammation.

Our Treatment Options for TMJ Disorder in Denver

At Makowski Dental, we offer a range of effective treatment options to address TMD and alleviate your symptoms. Our dental team will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan.

Here are some of the treatment options we may recommend:

Lifestyle Modifications

We'll help you develop stress-reduction techniques to minimize muscle tension in your face and jaw, such as creating a balanced diet and teaching you about proper posture.

Dental Appliances

We can create custom-fitted mouthguards to protect your teeth from grinding and clenching and reduce TMD-related symptoms. Our team can also give you a custom splint, which is a removable appliance that helps to reposition your jaw and reduce pain and discomfort.

Advanced Procedures

Sometimes, we may use injections to relax specific muscles and alleviate TMD symptoms. We save surgical interventions for severe cases of TMD when conservative treatments are ineffective.

TMD surgical treatment involves specific procedures to address severe cases, like joint replacement or arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is minimally invasive, using small incisions to access and repair the joint. Joint replacement changes the damaged joint for an artificial one. When conservative methods are ineffective, these surgical options aim to alleviate pain and improve jaw function.

Do You Want to Get Relief for Your TMJ Disorder in Denver?

If you're experiencing TMD symptoms or have concerns about your dental health, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Makowski Dental. We provide compassionate care and tailored solutions to help you regain comfort, confidence, and a beautiful smile.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation and explore the personalized treatment options we offer.

If you are worried about your jaw, don’t hesitate to call Makowski Dental at (303) 751-5558. Our friendly and welcoming staff is ready to talk with you about TMJ treatment in Denver.

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